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Facebook launches in-app purchase install ads

Facebook is adding deep linking to its app install ads to facilitate in-app purchases. The feature will allow businesses that sell products and services through apps to use direct marketing to increase sales.

Until now, in-app sales first required the app to be installed. Once done, the onus was on the customer to search the app for the product/service they wished to buy.

However, deep linking sees the ads link directly to the purchase, and will hopefully increase conversions. Facebook already offers app re-engagement ads that drive users to particular in-app pages once they have downloaded an app. However, this latest development is a significant step forward and could lead to more targeted in-app ads based on customer demographics and behaviours.

Facebook trails mobile search

In other Facebook news, the social media giant is reportedly piloting a new feature to help mobile users find content and articles using keywords. The so-called ‘add a link’ feature is currently available to a limited number of US iOS users and bypasses the need to search for content externally before cutting, pasting and sharing links to Facebook.

Commenting on the functionality an industry spokesperson said: “This move truly proves that Facebook continues to be a ‘mobile first’ company and that it has understood that its users want to access and share content easily, wherever they are and whenever they want.”

LinkedIn introduces analytics for publishers

Last week, LinkedIn introduced a new set to analytics for those users publishing content to its platform. Commenting on the development a LinkedIn spokesperson said: “Analytics for publishing on LinkedIn provides insights into who’s reading and engaging with your posts. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to evaluate whether you’re reaching the right audience, which posts are resonating with readers, and more.”

In summary, according to LinkedIn you will now be able to:

  1. See the audience you are reaching by industry, location and job title, and see if this aligns with who you are trying to reach
  2. See where traffic is being driven from and where you can try to stimulate more traffic
  3. Identify patterns of visit behaviour, and act to share further when traffic starts to tail off
  4. Engage with and thank the people who have read, liked, commented on or shared your work.

Stats such as views, likes, comments, and shares are available for posts going back up to six months. In addition the demographics analytics also provide a fascinating insight into the logged in LinkedIn members looking at your content.





Reddit launches video division

Reddit has become the latest in a long line of social media players to invest in video. With 170 million monthly users, the social news service has so far, seen little in the way of developments to its core offer. However, the company has now announced the creation of a new video division to create original content.

Commenting on the news Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian said: “Reddit’s mission is to connect people across the world through authentic conversations, collaboration, and community — video is an amazing storytelling medium and there’s no better wellspring of original stories than Reddit”.


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