What is Periscope and should your business be on it?

Twitter-owned Periscope is one of the freshest newcomers to the field. It obviously provides businesses and brands new marketing tools but how effective can a Periscope campaign be? Offering real-time video broadcasting in any part of the world, this app does come equipped with some interesting features. As a result, the entertainment and digital industries quickly recognised the power of the app and added it to their marketing mix.

If you’re the owner of a small or medium-sized business, Periscope could be the perfect match to your promotional needs. In the first 10 days after its launch, Periscope gained more than one million users. Whether it will continue to grow, however, is a question that only time can answer.

So, let us focus on the specifics – is Periscope right for your business and what benefits does it bring to the table? Needless to say, every new channel is a wonderful opportunity to generate qualified leads. The specifics of Periscope turn it into an interesting option for boosting your online influence.

Here are eight of the biggest benefits that you’ll get to enjoy by doing Periscope marketing.

Give Clients the Real-Time Experience

People love to see what’s happening behind the scenes, whether it comes to manufacturing or receiving services from a company. You can “open the doors” to your company by using Periscope and essentially, letting people have the inside scoop. Using real-time video can create a memorable experience that simply doesn’t take place through video recording and YouTube uploads.

Allow clients to enter your workshop, store or office environment. Working on a new product? Create a series of short video teasers that show the process of designing, testing and packing the product. People will feel included in the innovation process, which can easily translate into an emotional attachment.

The Faces behind the Brand

Periscope lets you introduce your team to your clients. People are the entity that makes a business successful and clients need to see who’s standing behind the brand.

Is one of your employees having a long-term anniversary at the company? You can have a party and broadcast that life on Periscope.

Let a special employee tell the story of working in your company. And these are just two of the possibilities. When it comes to showing faces and establishing that connection, you have dozens of other approaches to try through Periscope.

Makes Your Products Exclusive

Competition never sleeps and distinguishing your product from others on the market requires unconventional approaches. Periscope can be used for all types of products and services – product demos and tutorials, event promotions and offerings. The live streaming app allows you to broadcast product demonstrations and to explain what makes a certain item unique. If you are offering a service, Periscope could be the perfect tool for educating customers and letting them know how to make the most of it.

By taking a glimpse at product details and the specifics of a service, you can enforce the superiority of what you have to offer. People will appreciate your efforts to educate them and make their lives easier.

Two-Directional Communication

All social media platforms make businesses more open to communication with users. Periscope facilitates communication even further. If you’re hosting a live event or organising a live stream Q&A session, you can easily interact with your audience.

By answering question on Periscope, you’re participating in face-to-face sessions with prospects. People can leave comments, ask follow-up questions and participate in the discussion. Even an unexpected problem could be solved through such a session. This immediacy is simply unobtainable by sharing videos through other multimedia platforms.

Increased Engagement

The two-directional communication on Periscope boosts engagement. Just let the users be a part of the broadcast that’s happening at the moment. You can also make them part of your team. If you’re planning a new product launch, ask customers for their opinion.

Good marketing isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about the degree to which you get your audience engaged. If people aren’t responding to your message, chances are that you’re not hitting the right tone. Through Periscope, you can get feedback and perfect your campaign even further in the future.

Gain Global Audience

Periscope is an app for every type of business – big, medium or small, for international companies and local family businesses. Currently, Periscope has over 10 million accounts and you can reach an audience that’s immense for your company. People across the world will learn about your brand.

Add Value to the Brand

Users are searching for their favourite brands on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and numerous other channels. If you aren’t using these channels, you’re missing on a huge opportunity to make an impression. New technology and multiple channels add value to your brand.

Periscope is an innovative way to connect with your clients and to create a Periscope community. Users will appreciate your efforts and you’ll enjoy a high level of reciprocity.

Improve Customer Service

The biggest advantage of Periscope’s use in the customer service field is the feeling of personal support due to the real-time interactions. People will get a problem solved you’re your assistance, meaning that you can easily turn a dissatisfied customer in a loyal fan.

You don’t need special technical abilities or software to help your customers. Just create an account to start broadcasting and answering questions.

Social media are constantly evolving and new apps will keep appearing in the years to come. Sometimes, you will feel lost in this humongous field. Still, sifting through the possibilities and identifying the ones that will have the highest impact can be of major importance for the growth of your business.

Although producing live streams may sound strange or frightening, it’s opening a whole new world for experimentation. Prospects love informal communication and a chance to hear back from the brands that they love. Periscope gives you a chance to take personalisation to a whole new level. Don’t let this chance go to waste.

Have you been on Periscope yet? What do you think?

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