3 Ways to Boost your Mailing List (Part 1)


Twitter Lead Generation Cards

You’ve been growing your social media presence for a while and you’ve see the importance in creating content that engage with potential customers. That’s great, but how do you drive these engaged people towards actually making contact with you? By using one of the oldest electronic social tools- email.

Building an email list with a regular weekly or fortnightly email allows you to communicate directly with people who are engaged with your business or brand.

But how do you go about building your email list? There are many, many ways of doing this, but I’d like to start this 3 part series with one that you may not have come across… Lead Generation Cards from twitter.

Lead Generation Cards were introduced back in May 2013 and are one of many types of cards that Twitter offer to display rich content within tweets.

Initially the service was only available to big brands through Twitter Advertising, but Twitter made Lead Generation Cards available to all later in 2013.

Here is example of how a twitter lead generation card can look:

Lead card

When you post a tweet or reply to someone on Twitter, you can include your lead generation card. This will offer the person a way of subscribing to your mailing list (or sign up for an offer or a product). I’ve been able to boost the number of people subscribing to my email newsletter since using lead generation cards. It’s also a great way of engaging with people and providing more value on Twitter.

Speaking of value and engagement, how do you engage with people on Twitter when they mention you or link to one of you blog posts? Do you connect with them in a meaningful way and add value? The truth is, we often miss the chance- just responding with a basic “Thanks”. I am not saying that we shouldn’t say “thank you”- far from it. However, many of us leave the conversation there- it’s kind of a conversation stopper! I included Twitter Lead Generation Cards in my “Thank You Replacement List” in the article Stop Saying Thank You on Social Media & Say Something Meaningful.

Anyway, let’s get on with how you create your first Twitter Lead Generation Card!

Step 1: Sign into Twitter Ads
Firstly, you will need to sign up for Twitter Ads using your Twitter account. The Lead Generation Cards facility is completely free but Twitter Ads requires you to enter a valid credit card number. If you’re only using lead generation cards then your credit card won’t be charged. Unfortunately, if you don’t add payment information you won’t be able to create your card.

Once you’ve logged in to Twitter Ads account and added your payment information, you will notice the “Creatives” item in the top navigation bar. Click on this and then click on “cards”.


Once on the Creatives page you’ll see the option to create a lead generation card as well as a list of all previous cards.

Previous Ads

Once on the Creatives page you’ll see the option to create a lead generation card as well as a list of all previous cards.

To create you first card, click the big blue “Create Lead Generation Card” button!

Step 2: Connect your Email Marketing Software or CRM to your Card
The next stage will depend on what software or service you use for your email newsletter. I use MailChimp and so I’ll show you the options for that. However, Twitter Lead Generation Cards work with many other mailing list and CRM providers including Aweber and Infusionsoft. Twitter has published a well written article on setting up Lead Generation Cards and gives links to the instructions of each provider.

In order to set up the lead generation card for any of the providers, you’ll need to create or get the following:

1. Short Description
This is the headline for your lead generation card. Make it short and snappy, for example “Subscribe to my weekly newsletter!”

2. Card Image
This is a wide image (4:1 aspect ratio) for your card. This needs to be visually engaging and in keeping with your brand. The minimum size of the image is 600px (width) by 150px (height)

3. Call to Action
This is the text on the blue button under the image. In most cases you’ll want to put something like “Subscribe” or “Join”.

4. Privacy Policy URL
This should be the privacy policy on your website that shows how the information collected will be used.

5. Card Details (Fallback) URL
A page on your website where the person can find out more about you and your newsletter

6. Submit URL
The URL to which the data Twitter collects will be sent so that it your CRM or newsletter provider can add it to their database.

These are the names of the fields in your CRM or newsletter provider. For example the name of the NAME or EMAIL field.

Depending on your CRM or newsletter provider you may need to enter more fields such as LIST ID.

Here is a screenshot of my set up. I’ve hidden some of the more sensitive fields, but you should get the idea…

Edit Card

That’s it!

Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll be given the link to your lead generation card. Copy this and keep it somewhere where you can access it easily. If you use HootSuite save it as one of your draft messages, or add it to your “Thank You Replacement List”. My Twitter card, for example, is https://cards.twitter.com/cards/p0r8x1/39d.

Do you think you will find this useful? We’d love to know your thoughts and how you got on with creating and using your first Twitter lead generation card. Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I see immense branding potential here Ian. Haven’t used twitter’s cards yet but they add a personal touch which makes people remember, especially when using a smiling headshot as you did. Any approach to stand out from the endless tweet stream makes sense to me 😉 I’ll share this on kingged(dot)com and boost your traffic with a vote up!

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