5 ways to get RT’s on Twitter.


POSITIVE FEEDBACK: Lots of people use twitter to launch a new product, service or blog. It’s always nice to know someone has taken notice. Offer good positive, constructive feedback and the chances are high you’ll get a RT.

AGREE: Sometimes people put an opinion out there on Twitter and they don’t get much feedback. If you want to ‘make friends’ on Twitter it’s always a good thing to find something you agree upon from your chosen contact and let them know you agree.

COMPLEMENT: Companies in particular love a complement. A complimentary tweets support their brand better than a lot of hard work from their end. Compliment an organisation, product, company or individual on a Tweet and you’ll make friends for life. They’ll also most likely RT it too.

RT: Give, Give, Give and sooner or later they’ll re-pay the favour. In theory.

ASK: If you’re desperate to get your message shared and you think other people will align themselves to what you have to say then it’s okay to ask. Simply say ‘pls RT’ and wait. Or if you haven’t got many followers approach people direct you think would be able to reach the people you’re after.

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