5 Ways to use Twitter Searches for Your Business


Sam Flynn

Twitter searches allow you to search for what others are saying on social media.  You might think this sounds like you are stalking other’s conversations, but Twitter searches offer a wealth of knowledge that you can take advantage of!

  • Your Business Name

Users could be recommending you to others on Twitter without you knowing!  If they don’t use your Twitter username when talking about your business, you will not be alerted to the mention.  It is vital that you run Twitter searches to ensure you know when someone has mentioned your business.  Of course, if they’ve recommended you, you can then follow this up.  The flip side is that someone may have said something negative about your business.  You need to jump in there and diffuse the situation before it goes much further.

  • Hot Topics

Are there hot topics being talked about in your field or industry?  Has there been something in the news that relates directly to what you do.  If so, you need to run a search and check what others are saying about this topic, and then get involved in the conversation!  This will bring you to the forefront of your industry and show you are keeping on top of current and important affairs.  This may also open up some press opportunities for you.

  • Events

Are you going to a large business event?  Run a search for the event name or the hashtag being used for the event, and connect with others who are going along.  Get in to conversation with them on Twitter and you will be going to the event armed with business connections that you can turn in to more meaningful relationships face-to-face.  You can also use Twitter searches to look for events in your area by running searches such as “Manchester” & “business”.

  • Find Suppliers

Twitter searches will allow you to easily find suppliers for any products or services you are looking to purchase.  You will also see any mentions by others of them, both positive and negative.  This should help you quickly choose a provider.

  • Your Keywords

If your aim in using Twitter is to win more business, you should definitely be running keyword searches for what it is you offer.  For example, I once tweeted that I had a chip on my windscreen.  Autoglass replied within 30 seconds to say they could fix it!  How clever is that?!  They went direct to the need of their customers, which is so much more effective than marketing to someone who might have that need at some point in the future.  Think of keywords that your target market would be using on Twitter to suggest they have a need for what you offer.  Remember, Twitter is very conversational, so this isn’t like the keywords you would focus on for Google searches.  What words would your target market be using if they had a need or frustration that your product or service could solve?  For example, few people are going to state on Twitter that they are looking for a bookkeeper.  But they might say that they have lots of “receipts” to “sort” (search ‘receipts & sort’).  Or they might talk about doing their VAT return (search ‘VAT return’).  This will highlight people that the bookkeeper can then engage with.  The key is to not sell but to build a relationship with the person.  Ask if they need any advice in completing their VAT form?  Or, suggest a system to them for sorting their receipts.  You’ll get much better results if you don’t jump straight in and sell!

Twitter searches are quick and easy to run.  Simply enter your search terms in the top bar on the home page of Twitter.  Once you’ve run the search, you can make it advanced by clicking on the ‘cog’ symbol in the search.  This will allow you to include other factors, such as location.  You can then save the search, by clicking again on the cog, so it is there in the top search bar whenever you want to access it.

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