How To Cut Through The “Noise” On Twitter


I recently ran a Social Media workshop and asked my group about their experiences using Twitter. One person in my group said they thought Twitter was full of useful, insightful information and opinion but when you ‘went on Twitter’ he found it to be full of ‘nonsence about what people had for breakfast’. I guess it’s full of both. Here’s some ways I suggested to him to cut through to the stuff that matters to you.

1.) Choose who you follow carefully. Your Twitter stream will fall from who you follow. Before you follow someone take a look at the kind of stuff they tweet out. If you value what they’ve said in their previous 10 tweets chances are you’ll always value what they have to say.

2.) Use Lists: If you want to follow lots of people but can’t be bothered to trawl though everyone think about using the ‘lists function’. You can do this if you access via a computer rather than a phone.  The list function will let you filter out all the Tweeters you’re following into one community you’re interested in. More info on this here 

3.) Save the search: Maybe there is a particular topic you want to research using twitter. Just type in your topic into the search box and then press the gear icon and save search. Then you can retrieve this search quickly everytime you go back. More info on this here 

4.) Industry Hashtags: I bet you your industry uses some kind of hashtag. There’s loads out there. Google your industry followed by hashtag twitter and it will come up. Then follow tip 3 to quickly access what people are saying in your industry. For example work in Fiannce? Check out #financialnews, in the public sector? try #localgov.

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