I’ve got that Friday feeling! #ff


Always one to court a bit of controversy I have bit my tongue for long enough! Todays subject is #ff – Friday Follow. For those of you who don’t know what a “FF” is on Twitter it means “Follow Friday” – where you recommend that people follow someone. My interpretation of this is not disimilar to me recommending a good painter and decorator to a friend or a fabulous web designer to a business associate. So with that in mind why do people not give a reason as to why you should follow somebody? Rather than a long list of #ff’s and no explanation as to why your followers should follow think about giving a reason as to why they should. Highlight what the person your recommendation does and why they should be followed. Trust me it makes all the difference is more likely to lead to follows and retweets! But each to their own as always!

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  • Naomi Timperley

    Director @4hubuk & SocialMediaBoom, Dragons' Den survivor, Mentor for MMU, UCLAN, Salford Uni and the Business Growth Hub, Storyteller #NCW2014 Ambassador, speaker & patron of @TheWelcome_ and proud advisory panel member of Juice Academy.

    Web: http://www.enterpriselab.co.uk/

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