Why Immediacy is Social Media’s Biggest Weapon


I bought a fancy new wireless headset recently. According to the sales pitch it would allow me to take calls from my iPhone or Skype and pick them up at the touch of a button.

Not for me it didn’t though.

After struggling to get it to work for 10 minutes, I decided to get some “support”.

Not the traditional “call, get put on hold, tell someone your problem, get transferred, tell another person the same thing, get put on hold, have call dropped” type support.

I just googled “logitech h800 call pickup mac skype” and found the issue discussed in depth on both the logitech and skype support forums.

Turns out it doesn’t work properly on a Mac. Also turns out that the customer service folks won’t come out and tell you that. So I’d have wasted hours if I’d called.

I’m not the only one who prefers to get help online these days. In a survey of UK consumers recently published by Sitel, 7% of individuals aged 16-24 will first complain in social media and 71% will search for a solution online before they give up and call the company in question.

(Maybe I’m younger than I think – that sounds like me).

Generation Xbox is used to getting what it wants immediately. And if we were honest, most of us would like that too. And these days, the fastest way to get something we want is to turn to the web. Either to search for a solution or to complain.

Calling customer service. Filling in a support form. We know those are going to take ages and we don’t have any confidence they’ll get us the right answers.

Check out some relevant forums or grumble on Twitter and we’re much more likely to get something to happen.

It’s the immediacy that draws us to Social Media.

The chance to get what we want done right now rather than ending up dehumanised in a phone queue where we’re assured our call is very important to them as we silently fume.

Are you harnessing that immediacy in your business?

At bare minimum you should be monitoring social channels for your customers mentioning you. Free sites like socialmention.com and twilert.com will let you set up email alerts for whenever your brand or name is mentioned on social media – so you don’t have to sit monitoring it all day.

How is immediacy impacting your business?

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  • Ian Brodie

    Ian Brodie is the author of Email Persuasion, the Amazon #1 bestseller that shows business owners and professionals how to use email marketing to captivate and engage their audience, build authority and generate more sales. He was recently named as one of the "Top 50 Global Thought Leaders in Marketing and Sales" by Top Sales World magazine, and one of the "Top 25 Global Influencers in Sales and Sales and Sales Management" by OpenView Labs. Salesforce.com picked him as one of their "Social Business Dream Team" and Raintoday.com named his website as one of the "Resources of the Decade" for Professional Services Marketing.

    Web: http://www.ianbrodie.com

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2 thoughts on “Why Immediacy is Social Media’s Biggest Weapon

  1. I get so happy when I see good writing! We can all relate to the situations you described, and I too call customer service as a last resort — sort of like I read directions as a last ditch effort!

  2. Thanks Carisa – and thanks to your tweet, Logitech contacted me! Rather fitting for a post on how social media is the place many of us now turn to for customer service. I’ll report back to say how it went…


    PS What is it with directions? I’m the same. Having to ask directions seems up there with public speaking and that dream everyone gets of going to school in their underwear when it comes to embarrassing things we’d like to avoid.

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