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My first blog for the faculty! Am just about recovered from what was probably the UK’s biggest Youth event on Enterprise, Employability, Apprenticeships and Inspiration at Earls Court last weekend. The event in question was Youth Enterprise LIVE which was promoted and marketed on Twitter.  Having run events since 2007 usually with no budget for advertising, marketing or PR I know the power of social media if used correctly. But you can’t get your message out unless you have an audience.

I’m no Lady Gaga so i’m not going to have millions of people follow me without the effort of following people myself. I’m always quite strategic in who I follow – I have to have some form of connection whether its a common interest, business, peer, media, a competitor of just someone who floats my boat! Once you have an audience promoting an event is the next part – you have to give people a reason as to why they should come to your event?

Engage with people – as Brad Burton says people do business with people they Know, Like & Trust and this is very true – I event met my business partners on Twitter! Encourage people taking part in the event to tweet – speakers, exhibitors – encourage people who registered to tell people they have – add a tweet button to your registration form.

Create a unique hash tag for the event and start using it in the run up to the event.  We used the hash tag #YEL2012 – the biggest hurdle is getting people to use your hash tag – again encouragement in the run up and during the event – I’m quite good at nagging so this wasn’t a problem! During the event encourage people who couldn’t make it to join in the conversation with regular updates, tweet pics so they can see what the event looks like. The people who are at the event – tweet them the hash tag regularly during the event. Social media after all is about being social and engaging with the people – whats the fun in just saying rather than doing!

After what was a successful event comes the analytics….how successful was the hash tag? What was it’s exposure? For those of you who don’t under this term – here it is very simply:

EXPOSURE measures the number of impression a hashtag had. This is different from reach in that the data on impressions shows how many times that hashtag showed up in someone’s time line. If I tweeted twice to my 100 followers, one of those followers tweeted once; our total reach is 200, but our impressions is 300. That hasthag appeared in a timeline 300 times.

The Exposure we had for #YEL2012 was 2,980,215

The Reach was 385,174 accounts

I’d say, as the title says, we made quite an impression!





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