How Spending Just 15 Minutes A Day Will Help Successfully Grow Your Personal Brand

Look. I really understand just how precious your time is during the day.

You have meetings, constant telephone calls and then you have all the tasks you are expected to complete as part of your role. Then the unexpected tasks that crop up too. It never stops.

Sound familiar? You are definitely not alone.

So what happens to your social media when you’re caught up in the every day? That niggling feeling in the back of your mind that you must improve your use of Twitter.

After all, you’ve heard about your peers getting leads through it and building relationships. They even get people recognising them at networking events. From Twitter. Seriously.

We are all under increasing pressure to be conscious of our personal brand – account execs and entrepreneurs alike. Not surprising, as we are all looking for ways to be even more valuable to our business.

I’ve got a really simple eight step process that you can follow today that will make the managing of your personal brand on Twitter easy.

So what do you need?

To follow this system, all you need is the following:

Your own Twitter account

An account at Feedly, an awesome RSS reader – It’s free

An account at Buffer, a social media sharing tool – It’s free

A smartphone – Trust me, it’s so much faster on a phone

Investment so far = £0

There are pro versions of Feedly and Buffer, but they are not necessary for this system to work.

What actually happens?

The result: You will be seen as someone who is active on Twitter, who’s sharing great content and more people will notice you.

The process: You spend 15 minutes a day sharing new articles from Feedly and use Buffer to schedule them throughout the day.

That is the commitment you need from today. 15 minutes of your time each day.

Where do you start?

Firstly, we need to set up this whole system. Now, this is going to take longer than 15 minutes. How much time you invest in setting this up is entirely down to your schedule.

The more time you spend setting it up, the more impact you are likely to have.

The idea is to find sources of great articles from your own interests to share with your Twitter audience.

You definitely want to share content about your industry. That’s a given. You should also share content that relates to your personal interests too. After all, this is about building your personal brand.

Go to

Go here and setup your account. It’s down to your personal preference if you want to use an existing social login to sign up. It certainly speeds things up. This can also been done on the phone app from the Play Store or App Store.











Once that’s done you need to start looking for content from sources that matter to you. Here’s an example using the search term social media:

Feedly Search Social Media









You will then be presented with the selected blog’s latest posts. To add this to your Feedly, click +Feedly:


The first source you should be adding is Social Media Experts (obviously), here is the link to make it happen: Social Media Experts

To help you digest your reading later I recommend that you put your news sources into different sections. For example, type Social Media Experts into “Social Media News” and BBC Business News into “business”.

Here’s examples of some of the sections I have:

I get quite specialist with leadership blogs and psychology blogs – I find them very informative and some of the titles really catch the eye of my audience.

I also include gaming because I have a huge interest in retro gaming – I share stories with an obscure slant though, not just “FIFA 15 is coming out”.

I find the more I let people know what I really like, the better the connection I can make with them in the future. This is a really important aspect for me.

So, if you are into surfing and want to share articles from surfers you think your audience will relate to, you should do it.

My only recommendation is to make sure you get relevant business related articles out to your audience too.

Go to

Buffer can also be set up from your phone.

Why Buffer? It makes scheduling your posts simple and fast. You can also have different schedules for each of your social networks.

Pro tip: Be sure to share on LinkedIn – content sharing on LinkedIn is becoming increasingly more common.

Like Feedly, you can use social networks to set up your account.



Once you are all setup, you need to set up a schedule for your posts. Here is an example of my own schedule for Twitter:

Buffer Schedule

My LinkedIn schedule just posts twice a day because of the different topics I share on there.

The objective is to get as many articles as you would like to share in your Buffer queue. If you don’t want a limit then you can sign up for Buffer’s pro version:

Buffer Pro

Buffer even makes suggestions of articles that you can send out and sends you full analytics reports to your email.

You can then easily see which links get the most attention. This should mean that you can easily tweak your strategy in the future.

Setup is complete, time to get sharing.

Now it’s time to put the system into practice. I do this each morning from my smartphone. I do it just before I sit to eat breakfast.

I’ve also done this consistently while on a morning commute while standing up on a packed train. It’s that simple to pull off.

A small caveat. You don’t have to do it from a phone, I’m just highlighting how simple it is to do. This works just as well from your desk at the office.

Here are the steps:

1 – Go to Feedly:












2 – Scroll through your news sections:












3 – Find a story you like:












4 – Read it (if desired):












5 – Share it via buffer:












6 – Make sure you select which social network you want to share it with:












7 – Post!












8 – Repeat step until you are satisfied

Pro Tip: You can make this process as lean as 6 minutes a day if you like. That includes opening the Feedly app on your phone.

Is that all?


And no.

You shouldn’t stop sharing photos or tweeting your own observations. This system doesn’t replace you giving that level of insight to your audience.

When you use this system, you take the hassle away from needing to keep up with the news. You can be sure to have touchpoints with your audience throughout the day without having to keep using Twitter.

That means you can carry on with your tasks and meetings, as you have effectively outsourced your own Twitter work to Buffer this morning.

Ways you can make this system less effective

If you just put very popular sources into your Feedly and don’t add any personalisation (e.g. retro gaming or your passion for surfing) then you may not see the results that I have..

It’s very important that you put your niche interests and blogs in your Feedly. Even if you think that only you read them, it’s often not the case.

Gentle reminder – Be sure to also Buffer out your own content.

One more thing…

As you start to build up this system and analyse your actions, you will see which posts get the most attention.

Buffer will also allow you to ‘re-Buffer’ your old posts – if it was a hit, then surely you should share it again?

Go on. I encourage you to re-Buffer your best post right now.


This system was designed by me to make sure I was staying active on social media whilst maintaining a demanding role.

At the time, I was commuting daily on a train so it was easy to fit in the 15 minutes (it’s more like 6 minutes now) in my schedule.

It’s now become a habit that keeps giving me interactions and new followers.

You can do this whilst preparing your breakfast.

Make it a part of your morning routine today and you will be pleased with the results in a month’s time.


About the Author

  • Matt Aguilera

    Matt Aguilera is a marketing consultant that helps businesses generate more ideas, improve their social media and create compelling content. Matt's journey in social media began in 2009 when he was working in Toronto. He has since taken on roles such as Head of Social Media and Brand manager for industry leading agencies. When Matt writes about social media, he looks for personal branding opportunities that could be used by anyone from account executive level to directors.


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5 thoughts on “How Spending Just 15 Minutes A Day Will Help Successfully Grow Your Personal Brand

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  2. Great post Matt! This way of working is more or less my own routine and I can’t recommend Buffer enough.
    However – and I’m sorry about this – but I can’t agree with you on Point 4 – Read (if desired). IMHO not reading the article you’re posting can be a recipe for disaster (for you and your clients). Precises are okay, but you need to make sure that there isn’t a sting in the tail eg promoting a rival business or a controversial statement that actual negates the argument/point you’re putting over. But that will add time, of course.

    • Hey Debby

      It’s important you vet a content source before you post it out. Generally speaking, most people who adopt this system don’t read the posts. It takes much less than 15 minutes that way!

      Further to that, from my POV I know 99/100 I am going be just fine sharing content from or similar.

      Thanks for commenting. Much appreciated.

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