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As more and more businesses and other users join Twitter, you have to break through a lot of noise to get your tweets heard!!

The majority of Twitter users will not read every tweet. They will scan through and look for those they are most likely to be interested in. Or they’ll add accounts they find really interesting to lists, and ignore the rest!

So, how can you make sure that all that hard work in composing your tweets doesn’t go to waste, and that your tweets actually get read?

1. Change your profile picture

The majority of businesses use their logo as their profile picture on Twitter. This means if you take the same approach, you’ve no chance of standing out from other businesses on Twitter. Plus, users tend to scan over tweets with a logo next to them, as our subconscious tells us it’s a business trying to sell to us!

Instead, consider using a head shot of the person running the Twitter account. It makes it much more personable and less corporate, so that users are more likely to read your updates and respond to them. Or think about whether you have any stand out imagery that you can use other than your logo.

2. Don’t sell

If all we ever post on our Twitter accounts is sales messages, users will soon get switched off and stop reading our updates. You see, very few people will log on to Twitter to see what they can buy. Instead they are on there to gain knowledge or have fun. So frame the majority of your updates to meet these two objectives. Give people value and they are more likely to take an interest in your business. Add fun in the mix, and they’ll take far more notice of your updates.

3. Be human

Don’t just talk business. Talk about funny things that are going on in the office. Share videos and pictures of your staff. Talk about things that are going on in the wider world.
Imagine you are at a networking event and meet someone for the first time. If they talk nothing but business for you for more than 10 minutes, you soon end up disengaged and wanting to listen to someone else!

It’s exactly the same on Twitter!

4. Use your brandonality

Brandonality is a word I came up with to describe the personality of a brand. And everyone brand has one. How do you want your brand to be perceived? Edgy? Modern? Traditional? Helpful? Serious? Fun? Crazy?!!

Play to this on Twitter. Your updates should align with your brandonality. After all, there are very few identical personalities in the world. This is what sets you apart from your competition on Twitter.

5. Promote offers

Offers are your opportunity to break the ‘no selling’ rule! Your potential customers need to know when offers are available to them. And these offers need to be deadlined so they have a reason to act now! The best offers add value rather than take away price.
For example, spend £50 or more and get a free scarf if you buy before Friday at 5pm!

6. Engage

The more you engage in conversation with your Twitter followers, the more likely they are to pay attention to future updates and engage back! Start conversations by asking updates in your questions.

Or you could create a Twitter list of your current customers and respond to their updates on Twitter.

You could even create a list of your top prospects you’d like to do business with, and start responding to them.

7. Post regularly

If you only post once a day, the readership levels of your tweets is going to be low. You need to be posting your own updates at least 4 times a day. Remember that not everyone uses Twitter at the same time. So, with each update, you are only capturing a small proportion of your followers. Tweet more times and you increase that proportion!

So, start standing out on Twitter. And measure the results! I guarantee you’ll generate far more business through Twitter when you do!

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