Everything a first time user should know about Twitter


Katy Young’s Guide to…Twitter. Everything a first time user should know about Twitter. Read the e-book here.

When I created my Twitter profile just a few months ago I had my younger sister sat next to me on the sofa shouting ‘No, why are you tweeting that? No one tweets like that.’

Without her I was at serious risk of embarrassing myself on social media by appearing like a total amateur.

The problem is that when you’re bumbling your way through setting up a new account, you are an amateur. You don’t know the conventions, rules and etiquette until you’ve spent a week observing everyone else and by that time it might be too late.

You also need someone to explain to you the barrage of new terms and gimmicky Twitter lingo so you can nod your head in understanding rather than bewilderment next time someone talks about their ‘social media strategy’.

Therefore, I wrote this guide to Twitter to sit next to your web browser on the desktop and lead you through the minefield of creating and designing your Twitter persona.

Twitter is a different type of social media site. It has an open culture, where you can ‘follow’ (view the posts of) most users without their permission.

Unlike Facebook, there is not the danger of posting an update and watching in horror as it remains with no comments or likes for hours. Twitter users don’t expect recognition for their ‘tweets’. The focus is on sharing content rather than user interaction (although there are still plenty of opportunities for that).

Business owners and celebrities alike have found Twitter to be an unparalleled resource for connecting with their consumers. It is a direct line to the ear of your target audience.

My guide is split in to two sections. The first section, the ‘Beginner’s Step by Step Guide’  follows through the process of setting up your account, uploading a photo and your first tweet.

Many users will stop here, but as an organisation or business I encourage you to master Twitter to get the most out of the many tools it has to offer.

The second section, the ‘Expert Guide’, refers to slightly more complicated functions such as custom backgrounds, Twitter lists, URL shorteners and scheduling tweets. These are the marks of a Twitter-pro.

Throughout the entire guide there are handy ‘Key Tips’, things that Twitter doesn’t tell you but are highly useful to know. These are the things I wish I had known from the beginning when I was setting up my account.

View the full guide in e-book format.

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