Top Ten Reasons You Should be Using Twitter


Every day Twitter is used to connect, share and discover and if you are not using Twitter to achieve your business development goals, you could be missing out!

1. Twitter helps you to connect with people you know.

Twitter is a quick and easy way to keep in touch with family and friends. Removing the burden of long telephone calls, letters, and emails, Twitter helps people to reconnect on a daily basis. In addition, Twitter can be an excellent way to stay connected between face-to-face meetings; something that is of real value to clubs and other organisations where momentum is critical.

2. Twitter helps you connect with people you want to know.

Twitter puts you in touch with a handpicked community of people you actually want to know, rather than a list of existing friends and contacts you feel obliged to keep in contact with. Likewise, while on Facebook and LinkedIn you have to request each connection, on Twitter you can choose to ‘follow’ whomever you want. Moreover, once you do, you’ll have access to all their updates.

“LinkedIn is for the people you know. Facebook is for the people you used to know. Twitter is for the people you want to know” – Anonymous.

3. Twitter helps people to get to know you.

The very nature of Twitter encourages the sharing of everyday developments that might not be appropriate for LinkedIn. Things like which movie you’ve been to see, where you are going on holiday or who you’ve been for a drink with. These informal updates provide real insight into you as an individual. In a competitive world, nothing will make you stand out more than your own personality!

4. Twitter introduces you to new people in the real world.

Many relationships founded on Twitter have been further developed offline. These Twitter meet-ups, or ‘tweetups’ as they’re commonly called, are regularly held across the world and add to Twitter’s sense of community.

Consider Manchester’s very own TwitFaced for example; a series of professionally organised events that have seen hundreds of professional people come together to take their online relationships to the next level. Devised in 2011, TwitFaced attracts a broad spectrum of attendees, from entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants and marketing people to digitals, creatives and even the odd minor celebrity. Rather than being a hard-faced networking event, TwitFaced combines a sense of fun with community building. Essentially it’s about putting a face to the Twitter profile.

5. Twitter helps you to stay informed.

Twitter shares information in real-time. By following politicians, business people, reporters, bloggers, celebrities and other key influencers you’ll be kept up-to-date as to any developments, often before they’re reported on our online news channels. Following US Airways Flight 1549 ditching into New York’s Hudson River in 2009, for example, Twitter famously broke the news of the incident 15 minutes before the mainstream media alerted viewers and readers to the crash. Just four minutes after the plane went down.

6. Twitter can help you promote yourself and your business.

Individuals, businesses, and other organisations can use Twitter to raise awareness of who they are and what they do. While against a backdrop of marketing automation, technology and algorithms it’s important to keep up with emerging digital trends, the power of Twitter stems from a more traditional approach; that of one-to-one relationships. A powerful networking tool, Twitter can be used to create valuable connections on an emotional level.

7. Twitter allows you to monitor what people are saying about you.

Twitter can be used to observe what people are saying about you and your brand. And, whether you choose to listen to and participate in these online conversations with your peers, customers and prospects, you can rest assured they’re happening regardless. If you don’t monitor what’s being said, you risk missing the chance to respond to and rectify any negative comments, and engage in positive conversations and opportunities.

8. You can use Twitter to give you a competitive edge.

Want to know what your competition is up to? You don’t have to rely on rumour and speculation. With Twitter, you can easily monitor what your competitors are saying and doing, and, just as importantly, what other people are saying about them.

9. You can use Twitter for research purposes.

A 2014 study found that today’s Millennials are increasingly using digital media to research potential purchases. However it’s not just younger consumers that are using social media as part of the buying process. A survey of 1,500 business leaders involved in B2B purchases for large organisations found that most B2B buyers don’t make direct contact with potential suppliers until 57% of the purchase is complete . With a wealth of expertise, opinions and knowledge readily available on Twitter, whether you’re buying or selling, there is no better tool for finding out what people are thinking and saying.

10. You can use Twitter to find and share interesting content.

Many people use Twitter to raise awareness of, and link to content they have created. Twitter gives you access this content and provides insight into what people are reading, sharing and resonating with.

By identifying the thought-leaders in your field, (more on how to do this later…) you’ll have access to a wealth of valuable information, ensuring you are always up-to-date with the latest hot topics. And of course, it’s not just about finding content. If you’ve created something interesting, Twitter is an excellent way to share this and broaden your audience.

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