Top Ten Tips on Writing a Killer Twitter Bio

  1. State who you are. When using Twitter as a business development tool, it’s best to tell people who you really are to make sure you’re attracting the right followers. Use short words and phrases to spell it out. However think about the way you phrase this. While ‘qualified management consultant’ may be correct, ‘passionate management consultant helping businesses to excel’ is far more appealing.
  2. Focus on your USP. What can you offer that others can’t? What makes you different from your competitors? Don’t be afraid to add a touch of self-promotion to your bio. Be personable and authentic and let your brand personality shine.
  3. Think about why you are on Twitter in the first place? While adding a touch of personality to your biography isn’t a bad thing, think carefully about what you want to get out of it. If you’re looking to promote yourself as a management consultant (for example) lead with this rather than the fact you like a particular football team or holiday destination. Think about will appeal to your target market. You can always add a little bit of ‘you’ in at the end!
  4. Add keywords. Twitter is a powerful search tool, so make sure to include keywords in your bio. Think about what your target audience is likely to search for related to the skills, products and services you provide.
  5. Don’t include quotes from other people. Sure Steve Jobs may have been your inspiration, but your followers want to know about you and what you stand for.
  6. Make sure to add a link to your blog or website. There is a dedicated field to do this, so you don’t have to use up valuable characters.
  7. Beware of copy and paste errors. Your Twitter bio only has space for 160 characters. If you’ve written and edited it elsewhere, make sure to check it once you’ve added it to Twitter.
  8. Get the most out of your space. Rather than just a simple name and job description, use the 160 characters available to provide as much relevant information as possible. However try not to use a lot of acronyms, jargon or hashtags which may be confusing.
  9. Consider adding details of who you work for and/or projects you’re involved in. This will add credibility to your profile. However, make sure to check with your company to ensure any tweets you make adhere to its social media policy.
  10. Experiment with different phrases, keywords and the level of personality to see what works best for you. You can always try the Twitter bio generator to add a bit of originality and fun into the process Just remember to be honest!

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