Top Twitter Apps – the Professor lists his six favourite Twitter Apps


Twitter users are generating 400 million tweets per day, according to the Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.  With an estimated 170 million active users that works out at an average three tweets per day per active user.

But how often should we tweet? According to latest research the ideal “Tweetspot” for number of tweets per day is between four and five. More than five and additional tweet density generates negative engagement.

But how to handle the twitter schedule. The Professor has identified his SIX favourite twitter apps to manage the Social Media campus Twitter Flow.


Is one of the leading social media dashboards to manage and measure social networks . The ability to manage several profiles is a great bonus as is the ability to schedule messages and tweets. Tracking brand mention is also so easy – four million users can’t be wrong, Hootsuite is one of the key tools in the campus arsenal.

Tweetdeck, a great app. It made such a great start in the first three years of life, Then it was purchased by Twitter for around $40 million in 2011. (The) Tweetdeck is hypnotic with a great screen and audio alerts. Arrange feeds, focus on priorities, monitor and manage a series of accounts, Tweetdeck presents a great Timeline, together with mentions and direct messages. All to easy to monitor Tweetdeck believing you are in the loop (and you are) but not necessarily generating revenue.

Social Oomph
Social Oomph is a cloud based application that offers tools for using both Facebook and Twitter more productively. Key features include the ability to search “Keywords” for twitter contributors, schedule auto follows and responses. The features are a bit “chunky” and slightly retro. Not cheap.

Follow Friday Helper
FollowFriday Helper Twitter App makes it easy to recommend tweeps on Twitter. Follow Friday Helper shows a filtered list of users you interact with on Twitter. You can then write more personal #TY, #Gratitude, #FollowFriday tweets using the user’s name, URL, bio and location with just a few clicks. Great way to build community. claims to offer easy Twitter Management and be the Leading Twitter Community Manager! Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships – the claim! Focus on your top Influencers, supporters & potential leads. analyzes relationships and helps focus and engage with the right people. Multiple Twitter profiles are possible and easy to set up. The ability to monitor and engage with key Tweeps the benefit.

Buffer App
Buffer is probably the favorite scheduling app. A Smarter Way to Share tweets and be awesome on social media. “Easily add great articles, pictures and videos to your Buffer and we automagically share them for you through the day!” Manage multiple accounts and get free analytics on posts to every social networks. Great app, the professor loves this one.

Under review but not listed yet is ManageFlitter. A critically acclaimed set of tools loved by over one million users. Unfollow, Follow, Twitter, Search and Analytics provided. Looks promising and one to watch. Much favored by Facebook guru Mari Smith, the professor is not sure yet.

Have you got a favorite Twitter tool we haven’t tried yet? Or had good or bad experience of the Professor’s favorites? Let us have you views?

About the Author

  • Dr John Ashcroft

    John Ashcroft is a visiting professor at Manchester University and Executive in residence at Manchester Business School, specializing in Economics Corporate Strategy and Social Media. Author of the Saturday Economist, The Apple Case Study and The Sunday Times and Croissants John is Chief Executive of pro.manchester, a Director of Marketing Manchester, a member of the GM Chamber of Commerce Council and the AGMA Business Leadership Council.


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