5 Tips for Producing Great Video Content


1. Be brave

Write down 3 of your favourite TV advertisements or video content that you have seen online. They will all have similar things in common. They are probably a little bit different, out of the box and brave. Don’t be afraid to be brave with your video content. As a video producer, I have always wanted to get my teeth into a perfume advert, because every single perfume advert you see on TV follows the same generic formula, churning out ad after ad like a 1930s TV studio. Synopsis – Good looking hero or heroine uses expensive aftershave or perfume, hero/heroine struts across screen looking at the voyeuristic audience saying ‘you can be like me’. These types of adverts are a prime example of video content that needs a shake up.

The majority of businesses in the UK and the rest of the world have realised they need a website and are starting to realise that they need content to fill the pages. Video is the digital avenger and although it’s hard to believe, it’s still a fairly ‘new’ idea and a ‘cool’ thing to do.

When you decide you need video content and sit down to map out your corporate video, don’t be afraid to suck it and see. It’s important to discuss what you want people to see and what core business values you need to showcase. But the next question should be, what do people want to see? Time for a buzzword, phrase or shareable content. Create content people want to see and share and you will start to build an audience of customers, an identity for your business, a personality.

2. Know your voice

You will be surprised by how many businesses struggle with questions like ‘why are you in business?’ or ‘who are you’ and ‘what is your mission’ ? It’s important before you produce video or any other content that you are self aware and know your brand and values. This may seem like something glaringly obvious but I recently spoke to a business growth consultant and he said that most of the businesses he visits, some extremely successful but going through a growth plateau, struggle with these basic questions. This is a starting point to finding your voice that will stay with you on your business journey; the values can serve as a blueprint for the content you are putting out.

Every business owner can subconsciously sell their business to a prospect but finding your voice is about consciously understanding exactly who you are and why you are producing content for your audience.

3. Identify results

All content should have strategic thinking with clear defined results. What do you want to achieve with your video? Producing a video without targeted results will probably lead to well, zero results. Having targets in mind may determine everything from the style of the video to the content, where and when the video will be shared and other content marketing decisions like whether to build the content around a PPC campaign or blogs.

In the early stages of our business we were very much just a video production agency, a client would ask for a corporate video, we’d carefully plan and execute the production of the video, the client would pay the agreed fee and then we would deliver the finished product. Although this worked fine and the client was always satisfied as they had received what they had commissioned, all of the preparation and planning was put into everything except what is probably the most important. Why is the video being produced and what do you hope to achieve? Don’t be afraid to set KPI’s for the content that’s being released and measure the performance after. If for whatever reason the KPI’s are not met, at least there is a benchmark for future content and a strategy that can be molded and reshaped to achieve the performance you expect.

4. Know your customers

It doesn’t matter how good your content is if it isn’t tailored for the right audience. Every business has a specific type of customer, each with their own personalities. Shape content so that it doesn’t alienate the people you want to speak too and resonates with them. Know your audience and what turns them on.

5. Invest in quality

Buy cheap, buy twice. Everything you buy is available at a cheaper price, but what you save in money; you will more than likely lose in quality or value. You have identified your results and your audience and decided exactly what you want to say and now it’s important to make sure the content you are having produced is good quality. You want a video produced that you are proud to showcase to clients, friends, family and the digital world. Invest the right amount in the content and receive the value your brand is worthy of.

About the Author

  • Ric Brooks

    Richard is Creative Director at Tunafish Media, a creative communications agency who specialise in producing video content. He is also a proud ambassador for Forever Manchester and recently skydived from 15,000 feet to raise money for them. In his spare time he also enjoys going to the cinema and sports including hiking, and has most recently completed the National 3 peak challenge and has plans for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

    Web: http://www.tunafishmedia.co.uk

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