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Content : make sure you have something to video which is not just about you but tries to solve some of the problems facing your clients or customers. You may have the best office facilities in the business but how does this help your customer get to grips with the problems they are facing. Think about the content before you switch on the camera.

Shareable: To work in the world of social media there has to be something that wins the hearts and minds of the viewers and makes the content worth sharing. More hits equals more potential customers, so make a video worth sharing, a hit with hits.

Length: The longer the video, the harder it is to maintain interest. Adverts are short and snappy for a reason, an ʻabout usʼ film, event video or interview may be a little longer but anything over the three minute mark becomes tedious quickly. For good on line footage 90 to 120 seconds is a good measure.

Authentic: Consumers can see straight through a video that has a strictly corporate or a classic sell, sell, sell message. The clever use of real staff or ʻbrand championʼ clients with a good story to tell will always be a winner of authenticity awards.

Quality: If you can afford professional video production then seriously look into it. It is a craft and can make the difference between a standard and great piece of content. If you canʼt, then look around and borrow ideas from other content that you like and know that works. Find a few ʻhow-toʼ tutorials and have a go. Most modern cameras and even phones now have HD quality image.

Story & Emotion: There is definitely a time and a place for quirky, crazy off the wall video but to truly build trust for your brand a video must relate on a personal level. Tell a story of how it can interact with the audience and improve their life.

Outcome: Is this a video to spread awareness? Explain how something works? Promote your Ethos? What do you offer and how are you different from your competition? Not just the product or service but how this improves the life of the consumer. What else is great about your brand? Often the ʻother thingsʼ that a business offer the customer are the main things they should be shouting about. (Quality, customer service, location.)

Tone & personality. From what you wear, where you shoot, how you talk, agreeing on and setting the tone will result in how your brand comes across on screen.

Target audience. Make content aimed at those consumers you want to attract, understanding what you audience likes is key. Apple initially targeted the ʻcoolʼ youth and the rest followed.

Audience Reaction. What do you want the viewer to say about your brand after watching the video? Once you know this then shaping the content becomes far easier. In a sentence – no one like to watch someone waffle, condense the content only to what is needed to get the message across, cut the rest.

Edit well. A good video is made in the edit as much as the filming. Use Final Cut or iMovie to produce a cool edited video. Don’t forget a sound track, think of a scary movie without the music, it does not have anywhere near the same impact.

Brand champions. There is nothing better than getting someone who loves what you do to shout about you, this makes you more believable & helps build trust with the viewer. It also makes for great link marketing.

Consistent Visuals. Think about what message and brand image you are trying to portray, choosing the right visuals is vital to generate interest and tell your story effectively. Once you have chosen your visuals, be consistent, use them frequently and often in your video marketing.

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  • James Lander

    Visual Collective was founded in 2009 by Neil Gill (director) and James Lander (producer) as a hub for visual storytellers to come together to produce great work for happy clients. We now work with a network of creative producers with the goal of making work we can be proud of and that really delivers our clients' needs.


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