Instagram Killed the Vine Star?


Last week saw Facebook strike a big blow against Twitter in their on going battle for supremacy when it revealed Video Upload for Instagram.

Admittedly Instagram were a little late on the scene when it came to video only launching the feature in late June, in which time Twitter’s Vine service has been winning brands & fans and making stars of its Viners.

With the launch of Instagram video brands now had 2 choices; the 6 seconds of Vine or the 15 seconds of Instagram video.  However one important factor was that whichever video format they chose they had to shoot it all in one continuous hit.  This has led to many creative videos being created from scratch with no post production, editing or special effects, showing a true & real side to the brands.

However as of last week that has all changed, when Instagram revealed its new Video Upload feature it put a nail in the creative coffin of Instagram videos and made it much more commercial and contrived.  Brands can now create perfectly crafted 15 second videos that basically become mini ads and are less about the spontaneity and creativity which has been a key theme of both Vine and Instagram videos.  Nike were among the first to jump on this and have released their “England Matters” InstaVid.

It is reported that over 65% of the world’s leading brands already have an Instagram account and I’m quite sure that number will now grow given that the platform has now become another advertising channel.  Highly polished videos like that above from Nike will surely become the norm on Instagram especially once more brands get onto the fact they can create mini ads.

So what will happen to Vine? In all honesty probably not much we will still be treated to some amazing videos, (you can see a compilation here) including Americans showing off their amazing Basketball dunks.  There has been some very creative and fun videos created by brands on Vine (Dove hit a strike on Vine) and hopefully Instagrams new feature won’t stop this creativity.  Instagram will hopefully continue to be a medium for rich, engaging, highly filtered content and not a stream of pre polished adverts.

So it’s now up to marketers and brands to make the most out of Vine’s from scratch videos whilst also making the most of Instagrams new feature with original highly engaging content.

Stephen Dyson

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