How to get results from social media marketing


In this short video, Guy Levine CEO of Return On Digital, talks through five top tips on how to succeed with social media marketing.

From defining a strategy and creating a content plan, to measuring the results and engaging with your target audience, this is a not-to-be-missed guide for businesses looking to ensure their digital marketing isn’t falling on deaf ears.

About the Author

  • Guy Levine

    Guy Levine is the CEO and Founder of Return On Digital. He started his Internet career by founding an internet business at 17 and exiting one year later during the .com boom. He has not looked back since. Guy has won industry accolades for campaigns he has worked on including the Big Chip’s and was named Entrepreneur of the Year. A speaker keynoting global conferences, and a regular in the press. In his spare time, Guy can be found with his wife and two daughters, flying helicopters, riding bicycles and generally getting into mischief.


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