Videos – not why but how often!


Why use video?                                                                                                           Search for ʻVideo statisticsʼ and you get many results about how viewing figures for video have grown, how it improves Google ranking, how it increases web site traffic. Search ʻWhy have a video?ʼ and there are hundreds of reasons why video makes sense to help businesses get the message out there. At Visual Collective, we suggest the real question is not why but how often should you develop video content.

This article is about what to think about when commissioning or producing a video. Take the time to sit back and just openly think about what it is you are trying to achieve and try and to see it from the consumers viewpoint.

Quite often these simple questions are not openly discussed as a company grows but they are very important to produce content that can actually help shape the business.

Video and brand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     You might think, ʻwe donʼt need a video – we are not a consumer brandʼ but if you own a business that is your brandʼ. A brand is not just a logo and some pretty business cards, a brand is everything about your business. It is how the outside world perceives you.

Gone are the days that a business can simply tell people what they offer, open their doors and wait for the rush of customers. People are no longer passive consumers.

All too often a corporate video will just talk straight at the customer, telling them what products or services they offer. A brand must now build trust and show how they are bettering the life of the consumer rather than simply adding more noise to it. Consumers want to know who is behind the brand, what is their story, why they should be chosen and how the product or service can satisfy a need.

The key is to build engaging content that captivates audiences and sparks conversation, with the right mix of messaging, personality and style.

Social Media and videos

The rise of social media means that customers and consumers donʼt communicate or receive information in a traditional way anymore. Brands and organisations need to embrace dialogue and develop trust through conversation and understanding. Video helps companies to demonstrate the understanding and shout about their personality.

Photo and video social networks are becoming ever more popular, sites such as Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and Pinterest.

The camera on your smartphone is almost as good as a professional camera for the quick photo opportunity on the move.

On “classic” social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter users actively share content and promote what they like using YouTube, Vimeo and others.

Multimedia has enabled real time marketing – brands need to stand out and capitalize on current buzz and trends.

Analytics, SEO and how consumers search are all now driven by multimedia. (YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine.

Multimedia allows you to create unique content to help you stand out from the crowd whilst keeping consistent to your brand.

There are many platforms that can host media in formats that are useable across platforms – smartphones, web, tablets etc. This is a must as consumers now demand (and have access to) multiple ways of accessing your information.

Now the initial buzz of multimedia on the web has passed we are now starting to see the rise in producing quality videos with, well thought out content so brands stand out from the crowd.

Check out our tips on “What makes a good video”.

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  • James Lander

    Visual Collective was founded in 2009 by Neil Gill (director) and James Lander (producer) as a hub for visual storytellers to come together to produce great work for happy clients. We now work with a network of creative producers with the goal of making work we can be proud of and that really delivers our clients' needs.


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