Why every website needs a video elevator pitch


You haven’t got a great deal of time to impress a new visitor to your web site. Research shows that average dwell times of visitors to web sites are getting shorter and shorter as our busy lives get busier and busier. Your web site visitor just hasn’t got the luxury of lots of time to navigate around your site to find out the essence of what you are all about.

So more and more companies are recognizing the power and value of an introductory video on their web site … not a long corporate overview video – but a video elevator pitch –
a short succinct, dynamic introduction that gives the key salient points about your organization such as:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • why you do it
  • and why you are different

A 60 second visualization of your brand, your values, your key proposition to the market and what makes you unique.

Ideally an animation, with voice over, a mix of fast paced images and graphics that tell your story- and pre qualifies the interest in you as a company to prospects, investors and potential partners.

Your video elevator pitch is not just designed to enhance your brand but is also a lead generation device, a key sales tool, especially if you can make it ubiquitous, a 24/7 business development manager, not just on your web site, but for distribution across any of your potential customer touch points such as on your social media sites, your email campaigns, YouTube channel, your blog, in your client presentations, on your exhibition stand, at the start of your tender pitch, the list goes on.

You could even edit it into a 30 second ad which could be deployed at target audiences via a pre-roll advertising campaign on You Tube.

It’s all about getting as many prospects as possible to eyeball your video pitch and if you can then track who is watching, how many times and for how long, you can start to gauge their level of interest in your company.

Research shows that a video elevator pitch increases the dwell time of a client on a web site by up to 60 seconds longer than on a web site without a video elevator pitch – and is fast becoming an essential a part of your digital marketing toolset.

If your competitors have got a video elevator pitch, then it’s high time you considered your options.

At the Interactive Video Labs at Media City UK we work with clients on all aspects of their online and offline video communications strategy; testing out different video content, animation with voice over, how to guides , explaination videos, product and data visualizations, animated info graphics, video case studies .

We then help clients create the content and then distribute it to target audiences – using You Tube and online video marketing platforms – to host- and most importantly track and measure the engagement and response in real time

We even have our own video user experience process we call the Video Cream UX which helps you test your videos before they are launched.

You can see lots of examples on our You Tube channel or on the web site of our sister company www.webvm.co.uk

So if you are contemplating wading into the deep water of online video, take a chance to check us out first via our video elevator pitch, naturally.


About the Author

  • Sean Randles

    Sean is the founder and owner of webVM, a web video marketing agency that specialises in direct video marketing. Sean is also Director of the Interactive Video Labs based at Media City UK, UK partner of Flimp Media and UK Director of the Web Video Marketing council. Sean is a Chartered Marketer with over 25 years experience of working in client and agency side marketing. Sean is also Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Manchester.

    Web: http://www.webvm.co.uk

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